The Enjoyment and Boosted Home Value Associated With a Three-Tiered Deck

Adding a beautiful deck to a house can boost the home’s value in addition to enhancing satisfaction of the household residents. For a Deck Builder Marietta residents may want a contractor who enjoys creating something special, like a three-tiered deck that can be entered from the second story as well as from the ground floor and the yard. Built-in plant containers can provide a place for flowers, lettuce and herbs.

Extending the Living Space

This type of feature constructed by a Deck Builder Atlanta significantly extends the home’s living space into the outdoors. A built-in bench or two can be included, and there’s plenty of room for patio furniture or lawn chairs. A built-in grill might be added, although some homeowners prefer to use a free-standing model.


Another alternative to a built-in grill is a firepit in the yard; this should be located at least 10 ft. from the house. The household residents and their guests can stroll from the deck to the firepit as the sun sets and the air gets a bit chilly.

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Enhancing Curb Appeal

If the deck is on one or two sides of the home and can be seen from the road, its lovely architecture can add curb appeal. The same is true of a home on a corner lot in which the backyard is easily visible from the street.


A Sturdy Structure

A contractor such as Atlanta Porch and Patio makes sure the entire structure is completely safe, letting the customers know how much weight each tier can hold. A solidly built deck should be able to safely hold a big group of adults on the top and second tiers because of the beam and joist apparatus. Large, sturdy bolts hold the structure to the side of the house.


No Daily Lifestyle Disruption

An advantage to this home improvement project compared with other remodeling tasks is that it doesn’t disrupt daily life in the household. A kitchen or bathroom renovation, in contrast, requires everyone to adjust their lifestyle for a while. Dust and noise become prevalent. With deck construction, all the work is done outside. There will be some noise, but everyone can continue going on with their usual activity.

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